Another Pathway is Possible

No Human Being is an Enemy of Another Human Being

America Go FirstUnion Forward

One Humanity One Love New World Model

and Building Fund

Dedicated to the Higher Life and Higher World Of Humanity
Because All Life is Interconnected and Holistic Bonded by LOVE of the Eternal and Timeless ONE

"There is no fear in Love;  but perfect Love casteth out fear" — 1 John 4:18 


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A System of Soul, Joy, Love and Learning

In contrast to a Soulless System, where all Life on the Planet are simply “things” to be used, abused and then thrown away at its end point, our System of Soul, Joy, Love and Learning is about dignity of all Life, respect, upliftment and progression where our end point is Cosmic Man (or Mind).

"Make Gentle the Life of This World" — Robert F. Kennedy

 System of Soul

                                                                       System of War                                                    

The Dharma, Life Essence or Purpose of a Human Being is to
  Help Not Harm
On Any Level or Enterprise of Life

* * *
Humanity as One

From Global Hunger, Homelessness, Starvation
 and  Illiteracy to Cosmic Reconnection

A Rothschild World

Turning Slums, Tent Cities and Hardship Villages
 into Communities of Beauty, Truth, Caring and Wisdom

The Spiritual UN Parameters:
A Natural Earth for a Natural Progression

A.  Aspects of Beauty, Truth, Caring and Wisdom Communities or "TLC"
Tender, Loving Care Villages

The fulfillment of all Human Needs and cultivating our Higher selves, physically, mentally and spiritually to our higher potential:

  1. Clean water

2.  Non-toxic, Natural Housing;

3.  Sanitation;

4.  Organic Food Growing;

5.  School House, Library and Recreation area;

Learning, Ethics and Meditation area;

B.  Other Features: 

  • Building design – warm in winter, cool in summer;
  • Hemp bricks and materials;
  • Solar for light and cooking;
  • Natural healing and health facility;
  • Mentor house and facility;
  • Mind and health enhancing architecture;

Our Model Hemp Constructed Building