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The War Planet or the Peace Planet?

"If Mankind does not put an end to War,
 War will put an end to Mankind"
John F. Kennedy

The War Planet is Going to Kill Us All

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s Remarks about a New World Order Present
a “Dangerous” and “Scary” Scenario for all Humans on Earth, says an Analyst.

“We are seeing a new world order — post-World War II, post-Soviet Union implosion — being built,” Hagel said in Ekaterina, Blinova on Thursday.

The Pentagon chief said the United States was currently facing a series of threats that would have to be dealt with in the “foreseeable future.”

Hagel’s remarks “seem to illustrate two important aspects of our culture here in the United States and that is that we are a capitalist-corporate system and that we are predominately a military industrial complex,” former CIA contractor Steven D. Kelley told Press TV on Saturday.

“The capitalist system requires constant growth over a long-term period, so when you have a country that is dependent on military industrial complex for economic growth, you have a system that essentially requires long-term never-ending war which will constantly be increasing,” he continued.

This means that corporations and weapons manufacturers are in need of endless wars, Kelley said. “[But] the world is a finite space and you cannot have endless wars so eventually this will have to require creating wars even in domestic situations.”

“So clearly this is a very dangerous [and] scary situation for everybody in the world because there is no desire for peace and no desire for the war to ever stop,” he continued. “And this is definitely a bad situation for all humans on earth.”

Former and current US officials have acknowledged that the new war against ISIL in Iraq and Syria could potentially last for decades.

"What we’re seeing in the Middle East with ISIL is going to require a steady, long-term effort. It's going to require coalitions of common interest," Hagel said Thursday.